Friday, June 01, 2018

Babe of the Month - Lisa Zimouche, Champion Freestyle Football Sensation!

Lisa Zimouche was born 29th June 1999 in Paris, France and is a professional freestyle footballer.

The French athlete has been passionate about football since her childhood days. Lisa started playing for her local junior clubs at the age of seven. By the time she turned 10 years old she was already renowned for her amazing soccer and freestyle skills.

She joined the Paris Saint Germain women's youth football team, but left at the age of 14 as she preferred freestyling, and wanted to develop her skills further on the streets.

When she was 13 years old, she was a part of Red Bull Street Style World Final 2012 and in the year 2014, she was named the "World Female Panna Champion." The term 'Panna' originated in the Netherlands and doubles as slang for 'gate' or 'being megged' which really just means simply putting the ball between your opponents legs.

Now 18, Lisa is touring the world showcasing her talents in front of iconic landmarks in major cites like Paris, London and Los Angeles.

As of now, she is a full-time freestyle soccer player. She is also famous for performing in Street Style Society.

The profile of Lisa Zimouche is still missing in the Wikipedia, a non-profit online encyclopedia. But, the athlete is active on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and so on. She joined YouTube on 2nd June 2016, and since then her videos have been watched more than 2.1 million times.

Zimouche is generating the huge amount of money from her professional freestyle football career, and also from her social networking sites.
Her salary, allowances and other incentives have not been disclosed to the public, but it is estimated that her net worth is upwards of a million US dollars.

Lisa is now living her dream life as she’s touring all over the world. She has shown her talent and skills in different countries around the world including France, England and the United States.
Lisa also got a chance to meet famous stars like actor and singer songwriter Drake, Usain Bolt, Paul Pogba, Ronaldinho and Gianluigi Buffon.

As we see how diversity plays a vital role in shaping our modern society, this now is being incorporated into the fashion and design world. German sportswear brand Puma had recently announced the release of the street inspired football trainer, the 365 Ignite Netfit accompanied with a release party and a football tournament in the heart of Paris. But that wasn’t all for Puma, they also appointed Lisa Zimouche as one of their football ambassadors at just 18 years old.

Puma has long cultivated a reputation for being different. For embracing the strengths and eccentricities of the individuals who relate to the brand and empowering those individuals to take the world by storm.

Lisa said: "I’m a street player and I mix street soccer and my lifestyle and for me, Puma is the best to do it with. They are doing good work with me. They know I love playing football, freestyle, street soccer. And they know I love listening to music and they have a nice blend of that feeling. They let me do whatever I want so I just love working with Puma. They are good people. I love the way they treat me."

There’s a saying that goes: “Find a soccer match and be happy for a day; find a girl and be happy for a night; find a girl who loves soccer and be happy for the rest of your life.” I think we've found that girl! The question is, can anyone handle her?

You can follow Lisa on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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