Sunday, March 01, 2015

Babe of the Month - Fitness Model Michelle Lewin

Michelle 'The Body' Lewin was born on 15th February 1986 in Maracay State of Aragua, Venezuela and lives in Miami Beach, Florida. She is one of the biggest names in female fitness models.

Michelle got into fitness after she had been modelling for a few years. She says as part of my job was to stay in shape I needed to go to the gym. I loved it and it led me to become a total gym rat. After months of intense training and a change of diet the abs started to show and I was enjoying the fitness lifestyle. Suddenly the modelling requests were coming from Fitness Magazines and Supplement companies. Michelle trains at Flamingo South Beach Fitness Center.

The Venezuelan beauty is known for her amazingly chiseled body, and amazing fitness tips aimed at females. Michelle teams sex appeal with raw muscles and it’s proving to be a winning combination!

Michelle is sponsored by Betancourt Nutrition and uses their Big Blend, Pro Amino, Bullnox and Fulldose products.

Michelle is a true inspiration for women across the globe and a sex symbol that embodies health and fitness. She has been on the cover of over a dozen magazines including being a Playboy cover model.

Her typical day starts with an early morning cardio workout with weightlifting in the evening. In between, Michelle is normally doing photo shoots for different companies.

Michelle's favourite quote is: “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights” – Ronnie Coleman

Michelle loves a 'selfie' and is the 'Queen of Social Media' - with a collective 4.5 million social media followers.

Michelle's Prefered Workout Routine: 
Full Routine:

Monday: Back/Biceps

Chin Ups (Wide Grip) 4×12
Chin Ups (Normal Grip) 4×10
Row Machine 4×12
T-Bar Rows 4×12
Dumbbell Curls 6×12
EZ Bar Curls 4×12
Straight Bar Cable Curls 4×12

Tuesday: Hamstrings/Calves
Lying Leg Curls 4×12
Seated Leg Curls 4×12
Deadlifts 4×10-15
Seated Calf Raises 8×20
Standing Calf Raises (Smith Machine) 6×20

Wednesday: Triceps/Shoulders
Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extensions 6×12
Skull Crushers EZ Bar 4 X 12
Rope Overhead Cable Extensions 4×12
Military Press 4×10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3×10
Upright Rows with EZ Bar 4×12
Side Lateral Raises 4×10

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Legs
Lunges 4×12
Good Mornings 6×20
Leg Press (Single Leg) 4×15 (Each Leg)
Squats 4×12

Saturday: Abs
Hanging Knee Raises 4×12
Crunches 4×20
Crunch Machine 4×12
Crunches On Ball 4×20

Sunday: Rest 

Michelle Lewin's meal plan:

Daily Diet:

Meal 1: Oatmeal with Big Blend from Betancourt Nutrition

Meal 2: Ham with Swedish Crackers (Wasa)

Meal 3: Chicken Breast with Brown Rice

Meal 4: Pork Chops with Salad

Meal 5: Beef with Asparagus & Spinach

Meal 6: Salmon with Broccoli

Meal 7: Casein Protein Shake (Before bed)

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