Friday, June 19, 2015

Dirty Little Secrets Women Keep From Men!

A friend of mine, a guy who used to occasionally step out on his woman and hook up with other girls, had the strangest theory about the female species. "Women don't cheat," he told me, when I asked if he was ever worried she was doing the same thing to him. "It's just not in their nature."
I just laughed. Of course, I was not at all surprised when he found out she'd been two-timing him for most of their relationship after their inevitable break-up, but he was completely shocked!

There are of course many things that men don't know about women, mainly because women don't want us to know and because if men did knew the truth, they would be afraid, very afraid!
Women also have this canny ability of being able to keep these 'dirty little secrets' hidden really well!

Ever stop to think what little dirty secret your woman is keeping from you?

Deep down women really hope that our male friends secretly want to sleep with them, and very often they will dress for them, and subtly flirt with them. They don't want to have sex with them, they just want our male friends to desire them.

Aside from the stray hair tie here and there, no woman ever 'forgets' to put on her panties before she leaves the next morning. That bra or pair of panties lying innocently under your bed was left there on purpose. Women like planting things in your home because firstly they want you to think of them when they're gone, but also because their panties are like little landmines that they hope the 'other woman' will step on then freak out and leave. A bit like a calling card!

Women secretly compare you to their ex. This particularly happens at the beginning of a relationship. Everything you do from how you kiss to how you comfort her, she is secretly comparing the way you do things to her ex. She isn’t doing it to hurt you, she either may not be over him or she is mentally just taking notes to see if you are worth it. If she is doing the comparing for the silliest reasons it only means she’s secretly evaluating who makes the better boyfriend and long-term partner.
Women also regularly check in on what their exes are up to via social media, emails or texts. As long as the technology is available, they will never be fully out of their lives or minds. This doesn't mean they still love them; but they are curious about what they are up to.

Always remember women have wild fantasies too. According to Women’s Health Magazine the top fantasies women secretly have are:

1/ Boss and Employee Fantasy. 56% percent of women have sexual fantasies about getting it on with co-workers in their office.
2/ Have Sex Outside.
3/ Be an Exhibitionist.
4/ Be Voyeuristic.
5/ Make A Sex Video.

According to a study done in 2010 and reported by NBC News, 80% of women fake the big O. This thety believe boosts a man’s self esteem. Another reason women do fake it according to, is to actually get turned on if their partner is failing them in this department. But don’t worry guys, sometimes they are just having an off day and don’t want to hurt your ego.

According to a study conducted by Marie Claire magazine, 1,500 women ages 20-40 were questioned about their honesty when it comes to shopping. The percentages were quite shocking, these women admitted that 80% of newly purchased clothing items and shoes are kept secret from their other halves. Women really aren’t that great at saving as they make men think. There are many women who spend money that their men don’t even know they have. Some hide credit cards and have secret bank accounts. So the next time she says, “I got this on sale,” think long and hard before you believe it. There may even be more clothes hiding in the trunk of her car, to be taken out when you aren’t around.

She’s keeping a close eye on you. She uncovers intel on you with an efficiency that would
make James Bond envious. She snoops through your cell phone, email, glove compartment, Facebook account, and anything else she can get her hands on. She will drive past your house late at night to make sure your car is there and someone else’s isn’t.......Oh, and her girlfriends are watching your ass too, and they’re gonna rat you out.

Women tell their friends everything. One of the things women enjoy about their close friends is that with them, they are free to talk about anything and everything. This includes talking about sex. Women know their close friends won’t repeat things. The point is, everything about the guy a woman is with is 'conversation.' Girlfriends are going to share general things and may sometimes get into a bit of detail, but it’s meant to be positive and to learn from it.

According to Fox News, women do in fact want their men to be a little jealous. Not scary violent jealous, but more cutesy, territorial jealous. All women want to feel wanted and the way we go about it is not always right. If a woman feels as though you aren’t as into her as much lately or aren’t as jealous as she would like, there are times when she may provoke you, just a little!
Women know that by laughing at another guy’s jokes (a little too much) and smiling at guys across a bar will in fact get you to become more territorial, therefor it works.

A man doesn’t really want to hear about how many other guys before him, a woman has taken to bed. But they are curious to know the number, sadly they most often won’t hear the truth. According to Daily Mail 52% of women will lie about how many men they have slept with, and 78% will lie to make their new partner like them more.

Women are 'evil' for three days before their periods. PMS is a legitimate condition. Some cry as a result of PMS, sometimes women feel the need to talk about your relationship with them, and why you won't just commit, (while we're crying, of course). Women claim to feel fat during this time and generally hate us and sincerely believe that us guys enjoy seeing them in pain!


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