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Babe of the Month - From Glamour Model to FA referee!

Amy Christophers was born on 6th October 1986 in Truro, Cornwall, England and is a British TV sports columnist and presenter on Sports Tonight Live, a qualified Football Association Referee and an international model.

She attended stage school and worked as a travel agent and night club assistant manager.

At the age of 18 Amy went from commercial modelling into the world of glamour, under the stage name Brandy Brewer. In 2008 she won Loaded magazine's 'Rear of the Year' - which really shot her to fame with the lad mags.

Amy went on to become a page 3 girl for The Sun newspaper and the Daily Star, and in her ten years in the industry she graced the covers and pages of all the top men's magazines in Great Britain and abroad including FHM, Loaded, Nuts and Zoo to name but a few.

As a teenager Amy was also signed as a solo artist to a German independent label, she then went on to have a number one record for six weeks in the Swedish dance charts with a song called 'Cheaterz' with her band Cashbeatz.

Amy's Cornish roots resulted in her being 'branded' the 'Hottest export since the pasty' by former men's magazine FHM.

But it isn't all about stripping off for the cameras.

In the Summer of 2014, Amy retired from the magazines and dropped her stage name to pursue a career full time in Sports.

Amy always had a huge interest in sports, especially football; she's a huge Chelsea FC fan. She followed her passion for sports and made a career in the sporting industry and started presenting on 'Sports Tonight Live' focusing on football and hosted her own show called '90 MFS' (90 minute football show) and reporting sporting news as lead anchor.

Amy's late Grandad founded Mawnan Football Club, of the Cornwall County Football Association back in the 1960's, and it has been a big part of her life, growing up at the club, so when her grandmother Jean (The President) passed away in February 2015 I applied to be on the committee and carry on the family name.

My part in the club is running their social media and helping organise events such as fundraisers and end of season do and also helping with sponsorship deals.

Miss Christophers is also a Level 7 qualified Referee for the FA, When news got out about this she received international press coverage about her pursuits in the game.

In early 2016 Amy had a spell on Radio at 'The Hub 106 FM' co-hosting her own Saturday Sports show. Then returning to London in summer of 2016 she hosted her own Sports Radio show on YDN called 'Starting 11' along side her TV and radio presenting Amy is also concentrating on writing and is studying journalism, and is due to graduate in July 2017, but  Amy has already had her first published article with the 'Daily Star Sunday' in June 2016 with her guide to the euros, since her first article she has been snapped up by Yahoo Sport for her writing talents and has also written for popular websites such as JOE.CO.UK and the Huffington Post, she recently became the sports columnist for U.K. Men's lifestyle magazine 'Front.'

Amy is currently freelance but working with major media brands including newly formed 'Sport Convo' a new social media network owned by Gareth Bale and Indian cricket hero Virat Kholi. The company headhunted Miss Christophers, stating they knew that she was their girl! She interviews fans, sports stars and films a weekly sports round up. Amy had to learn some Hindi to film certain videos for their Indian cricket audience.

Now, Amy is also a FA qualified football referee, meaning she is allowed to take charge of local matches and youth games.

Although she is still a number of levels away from being a top-tier official, Chelsea fan Amy is desperate to progress – even if the men she’s officiating don’t always know what to make of her.

Amy said: “I think when guys see me walk on to the pitch in my make-up they don’t always think 'Oh she knows what she’s doing’ but they’re always shocked when I know more than them. I absolutely love it and I’m improving with every game. The Premier League would be a dream but I’m just excited to see how far I can get.”

The babe is following in the footsteps of lineswoman Sian Massey-Ellis, an official in the Premier League. Amy said: “Sian is an inspiration to all women thinking about getting involved in the game."

Previously speaking about her love of the beautiful game, Brandy said: "I’ve always loved football and thought becoming a referee would be a great way to get closer to the action."

“There aren’t enough women being represented and it’s fantastic to show that girls can do it just as well. This isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion. I take this very seriously."

You can follow Amy on Twitter and Instagram or visit her website.

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