Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Babe of the Month - Sexy Russian referee Ekaterina Kostyunina

Ekaterina Kostyunina was born 27 February 1995, and she celebrated her 22nd birthday last Monday! Ekaterina's love for football began when she was 13. At first she played football in the company of her male friends but soon became a player in the local women's team.

In 2013, she was offered the opportunity to be a referee for several matches and that’s when her meteoric rise started.
Referees usually raise eyebrows with their controversial or dubious on-field decisions, but this Russian official is attracting attention for a very different reason!

Kostyunina, who describes herself as a football referee, footballer and a university student, has made a name for herself on the social media platform with a number of pictures on Instagram.

Ekaterina has set pulses racing off the pitch with her sexy social media snaps, and has a built up a huge following of over 85,000 followers on Instagram with flirtatious posts and sultry selfies.

Talking about her secret for keeping an amazing figure, the referee said that she actively goes to the gym, eats healthy and works hard at Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University, where she is studying to become a physical education teacher.

The fact that Ekaterina was given the unofficial title of Russia's most beautiful female referee (by the website came as quite a shock to her, as she had not expected to gain so much popularity literally overnight, right across Russia.

She said that she gets thousands of messages, not only from her compatriots, but also from fans of football [including girls] from around Europe and America.

You can follow Ekaterina on Facebook and Instagram

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