Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Shoes 4 Life" - You Can Help Make a Difference!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? 5, 10, 20.............more than 20?
Do you ever stop and think that there are millions of people in our world who don't have any shoes at all !

Well SoccerPro is at it again!
Like their 'Jerseys 4 Life' campaign earlier this year, this summer during the World Cup, SoccerPro has teamed up with the international shoe charity, Soles4Souls to bring us 'Shoes 4 Life'.

They are raising awareness of the fact that millions of people every day, many of them children, do not have shoes. Without shoes, walking long distances to schools or jobs is nearly impossible, and bare feet are prone to injury. By donating money to Shoes 4 Life, you can help make a step in the direction of ending this easily fixable problem.

One dollar sends one pair of shoes to a barefoot child or adult, and can help deliver much more: Hope!

SoccerPro is thanking everybody who helps in the movement by giving away some of their inventory. Some lucky winners will receive $800 worth of soccer shoes.

Beer, Footy and Birds is just one of many sites making people aware of the campaign, and giving you an opportunity to make a difference, by providing some much needed help to people far less fortunate than ourselves.

Take a look at Shoes 4 Life - it's a positive way to celebrate how the World Cup is bringing the world together.

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