Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Greatest Football Team Of All-Time

With the 2010 World Cup only 58 days away I thought it time to wet the appetite of all football fans, right across the globe, by selecting MY OWN personal 'Greatest Football Team Of All-Time.'

Now football is without doubt a game of opinions, and you may consider the players I have selected as not worthy of their place in my greatest team, or feel I have missed out players who you would deem as more laudable of selection, which I fully appreciate.

This was not as tricky an exercise as I had initially thought, as so few players are the cream in all the fundamental categories deemed in my selection process.

The criteria for which I based my miscellany on was as follows:

* No pre-war players (footballer was a cruder game back then & the competition was less fierce)
* Great technical ability
* Sustained excellence over a number of years
* An ability to inspire others
* Fervour for battle

There are 12 Europeans and 4 South Americans, and they all satisfy the criteria in abundance.

Four of them played in the 1950's, seven started in the 1960's, two in the 1970's, two in the 1980's and one in the 1990's.
No one country is represented by more than two players.


Lev Yashin - 1954-70 (USSR) Soviet Union


Paulo Maldini - 1988-02 (Italy) Italy
Franz Beckenbauer - 1965-77 (West Germany) Germany
Bobby Moore - 1962-73 (England) England
Carlos Alberto Torres - 1964-77 (Brazil) Brazil


Alfedo Di Stefano - 1947 (Argentina) Argentina , 1957-61 (Spain) Spain
Michel Platini - 1976-87 (France) France
Johan Cruyff - 1966-78 (Netherlands) Netherlands
George Best - 1964-77 (Northern Ireland) Northern Ireland


Pelé - 1957-71 (Brazil) Brazil
Ferenc Puskás - 1945-56 (Hungary) Hungary, 1961-62 (Spain) Spain


Gordon Banks - 1963-72 (England) England
Franco Baresi - 1982-94 (Italy) Italy
Zinedine Zidane - 1994-06 (France) France
Diego Maradonna - 1977-94 (Argentina) Argentina
Eusebio - 1961-73 (Portugal) Portugal

If you feel you would like to agree or disagree with any of the players I have chosen in my 'Greatest football team of all-time,' or you would like to suggest a player who you feel should be included, then please do not hesitate to post any comments below.
All feedback is received with interest and thanks.

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Howard said...

So glad to see Puskás in there - wish we could have seen him play in the modern era! Franco Baresi on the bench - very deserved (he is often left out).