Monday, February 09, 2009

Watch The Clip Of Last Saturday's Superb Sky Sports Soccer AM Soccerettee & Crystal Palace fan 'Nicola'

Last Saturday was another frustrating day as for the second time in four days (& the third time in a month) Crystal Palace's Championship fixture was called off - not due to Peaches Geldof's pending divorce, Chloe Madeley/Finnigan being caught smoking cannabis from a bong or that 'idiot' Gordon you guessed it, the weather!

About 18 months ago I decided I was going to watch & post on this site a weekly video clip of the Soccer AM Soccerette, but due to my own weekly habitual need to follow my footy team both home & away, I inevitably missed most of the shows as long trips to the likes of Heavenly Hull, Stupefying Sheffield & Sunny Scunny to name but a few, meant I was forever leaving home at an early hour on Saturday mornings.

So I took the rare opportunity this Saturday morning to watch Sky's Soccer AM in its entirety (rather than being on a chuffer to Blissful Barnsley) & to my delight this week's Soccerette Nicola, is a Crystal Palace fan.

I don't know what it is, but there is something rather alluring about girls wearing football kits in the colours of your team. Answers on a postcard.

Nicola, 21 (A good age!) from Crawley, West Sussex is also a dab hand at baton twirling, in fact so good that she 'swivels' for England!

Also during Nikki's appearance, the programme makers squeeze in a rather amusing take on ITV's incredible balls-up during the midweek Merseyside derby, when they missed Everton's extra-time winning goal because they inadvertently went to an add break!

If you click on the 'article title' at the top of this piece or on the 'Link' below you can watch the celestial Nikki in all her glory, mesmerize you with her magic wand!


(To watch past video clips I posted on here type Soccerette or Soccer AM into the search box in the top left hand corner of the page).

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