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Babe of the Month - Fitness Model Caitlin Rice

Caitlin Rice was born on 7th November, 1991 in Dallas, Texas, United States. She is a famous fitness model and as a result has has become a huge Social Media Personality. Caitlin constantly moved around America during her childhood; her father served in the army, and was frequently re-stationed in different locations.

Caitlin started in fashion modeling at the age of 16 in Atlanta, Georgia but quit modelling to focus on her college career and attended Southern Methodist University in Texas studying Political Science.

In her final year of college, Caitlin decided to make a lifestyle change, packed in drinking, eating junk food, and partying, and dedicated her time to the gym in an effort to sculpt her dream figure. Caitlin started hitting the weights and did some research.

"I learned how to lift weights properly and quite simply fell in love with it. Lifting became a lifestyle and pretty much the best part of my day. I always strive for progress. 
Being fit is so much more than just looking good and having a good body. I became addicted to the feeling of being healthy and full of energy. 
In addition to learning how to lift weights properly, I taught myself all about proper nutrition as well. 

Always looking online at videos and tutorials on proper form and different routines etc. I finally started putting my own routine together made up of the exercises that I found were the most beneficial to me – the exercises and combinations of exercises that were giving me the most results."

Towards the end of 2012, Caitlin created social media profiles to share her journey with the fitness community. Caitlin realized how much of an opportunity social media could be and decided to turn her new found notoriety into an outlet through which she could help others.

Caitlin's social media profile rose dramatically as she inspired her followers by posting pictures and videos of her lifestyle, fitness journey, healthy eating and workout routines. Caitlin now has 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

Caitlin currently lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Caitlin's Stats:

Profession - Fitness Model and Social Media Personality
Born - Dallas, TX, United States
Lives In - Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Birth - 7th November, 1991
Age - 25 years
Height - 5 feet 5 inches
Weight - 47-48 Kg Approx
Measurements - 34D-24-32
Hair Colour - Brown
Eye Colour - Green
Husband - Braden Matejka - married in 2015
Education - Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Nationality - American-Canadian


Caitlin knows the importance of nutrition when aiming to sculpt a great figure. She follows a well-planned diet all year round, eating 6 meals per day – based around lean protein, complex carbs, vegetables, and healthy fats.

But she has to curb her sweet tooth. To do this, she bakes protein cookies, muffins, pancakes, and mug cakes to satisfy her cravings without over-consuming calories.

The fitness icon allows herself one cheat meal per week, usually in the form of pepperoni pizza.

Supplement Stack:

These are the supplements that Caitlin uses:

# Whey Protein
# Casein Protein
# Pre Workout
# Fat Burner
# Multi-vitamin

Caitlin is also an Entrepreneur, having founded Caitlin Stance Supplements and Caitlin Rice Fit. She is also a co-owner of FitNut Training.

You can follow Caitlin on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or visit her website

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