Monday, November 08, 2010

Classic Football Quotations said by Football Fans or about Football Fans - Part Three

Supporting a second team in the Premier League is like Yasser Arafat saying he has a soft spot for Judaism - NICK HANCOCK, TV presenter and Stoke City fan, 1997.

It's bad enough having to go and watch Bristol City without having things stolen - JUDGE DESMOND VOWDEN QC, sentencing a man who stole from a City fan's car, 1984.

Football violence is like smoking. If you try it once and hate it, you don't do it again. But if you try it once and like it, it's bloody hard to give up - DOUGIE & EDDY BRIMSON, self-confessed Watford hooligans, in their book Everywhere We Go, 1996.

There are more hooligans in the House of Commons than at a football match - BRIAN CLOUGH, Nottingham Forest manager, 1980.

We seem to be lumbered with the 'Inger-lund, Inger-lund, Inger-lund' chant. That may be boring but at least everyone knows the words - HELEN JOSLIN, Football Supporters' Association official, as England reached the semi-finals of the European Championships, 1996.

If it was one of our meat pies, it could have done more damage than a brick - ANDY RITCHIE, Oldham manager, after food was thrown at the referee during an FA Cup tie v Chelsea, 1999.

They're not happy in Burnley unless they're moaning. You could win 5-0 and they still wouldn't be happy. They're good folk but they'll moan about owt - STAN TENNENT, Burnley manager, 2003.

What a nightmare. I'm a Tottenham fan and I get cuffed to you - TONY ADAMS, Arsenal captain, on what was said by the prisoner handcuffed to him following his arrest for drink-driving, 1998.

Trying to explain why we hate Palace is like trying to explain why grass is green and vomit limp. We just do - ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER, poet-ranter and Brighton fan, 1995.

You won't get me flicking on a (football) phone-in. I'd rather listen to a game of chess on the radio. Phone-ins are platforms for idiots - JOE ROYLE, Manchester City manager, 2001.

I must have done all right for them to gob all over me - STEVE JONES, Bournemouth striker, after running a gauntlet of Birmingham fans, 1994.

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